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Full-Service Family Law Representation In Central Florida

Since 1999, men and women in Central Florida have relied on the Law Offices of Fernando Iglesias for effective representation and compassionate guidance to resolve family law problems. We tailor our approach to serve the unique needs of each individual client. When you work with our firm, you will benefit from having access to a seasoned lawyer every step of the way. Attorney Fernando Iglesias makes it a point to remain accessible for clients.

Our priority is always focusing on the best interests of our clients. We strive to resolve family law problems efficiently to reduce the financial and emotional costs for our clients. However, family law attorney Fernando Iglesias will aggressively litigate disputes when necessary to protect the vital interests of clients in all manner of family law matters, including:

  • Divorce: The emotional toll of divorce can be overwhelming. Since 1999, attorney Fernando Iglesias has effectively guided clients through a difficult time to efficiently resolve the tough battles associated with divorce. He backs up his skills at the negotiating table with exceptional trial skills when the opposing party is unwilling to resolve disputes reasonably.
  • Child custody and visitationWe are passionate about protecting the well-being of children and protecting the parent-child relationships of our clients.
  • Financial matters: Our substantial knowledge of the law and the nuances of child support and alimony calculations are invaluable resources for clients of the firm.
  • Property division: While Florida law recognizes that property should be divided equitably, that does not always mean the assets of the marriage will be split down the middle. Attorney Fernando Iglesias looks deeply into the facts and the overall asset structure to zealously guard our clients’ rights.
  • Business interests and divorce: When a party to a divorce has a business or professional interest, our financial acuity and strong command of the law are invaluable at ensuring that our clients’ interests are addressed. Business records and records for self-employed individuals can alter the true net income for a high-income earner. We investigate the complex financial structures to prepare a fair analysis of the finances to protect the rights of our clients.
  • Paternity matters: Mothers seeking to establish paternity to support the well-being of a child, and fathers seeking to claim legal rights to obtain custody and visitation rights, turn to our firm for skilled representation in paternity matters.
  • Post-decree disputes: Changes in circumstances frequently arise in the years following a divorce. We represent men and women in post-divorce modification matters, including parental relocations or moveaways.

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