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How Writing A Will Can Protect Your Family

Most people understand the need to have a will. It is a project that many people put off. In many situations, a person already has a will that has become outdated due to changes in the family structure or assets. Whether you have a large estate, have more modest means or are a parent of minor children, writing a will can give you the peace of mind that your family will know your wishes should the unexpected occur.

In the absence of a will, the state of Florida will decide how your assets should be distributed and who should care for your minor children, if you have any. Wills are invaluable estate planning tools that can outline how your assets should be distributed. Parents may appoint a guardian for their children to help ensure their stability.

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At the Law Offices of Fernando Iglesias in DeLand, Florida, we are committed to developing a relationship with our clients in order to craft the best solutions to ensure that your goals will be properly addressed. We do not rely on a template or online form. You will sit down with a compassionate lawyer who will take the time to get to know your family dynamics, the structure of your estate and the goals you wish to achieve in your estate plan. That information is vital in selecting the documents you need to serve your goals and your family’s best interests.

Advance Directives Are A Loving Gift For Your Family

In addition to a last will and testament, we frequently work with clients who are concerned about what will happen if an unexpected medical emergency or injury leaves them unable to speak for themselves. We draft a variety of important documents to protect families from strife should our client become incapacitated, including:

  • Durable powers of attorney: These documents allow you to appoint a person whom you trust to manage your financial affairs should you become incapacitated, including paying the mortgage through your bank account.
  • Health care powers of attorney: You can appoint a family member to act as your health care surrogate and speak on your behalf concerning medical treatment should you suffer an incapacitating injury or become unconscious for whatever reason.
  • Do-not-resuscitate orders: A DNR is a form of advance directive that allows you to express your wishes about the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation to revive you following a heart attack or respiratory failure. A DNR order can give your family solace that your wishes are being followed should you desire to not be revived in these circumstances.
  • Living wills: You can memorialize your wishes regarding the use of extraordinary measures or artificial life support to keep you alive should you suffer a catastrophic injury or illness. A living will is a loving document that can avoid disputes among your family members about your true desires in a difficult time.

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Whether you need assistance in drafting a will or want to learn more about the various estate planning tools that can give your family stability in a difficult time, send us an email or call 386-860-1140.

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